Much Ado About Nothing Act III Scene I

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ClueAnswer about Much Ado
Who Wrote Much Ado About Nothing
Tricked Beatrice (in love with Claudio)
Tricked Beatrice (evil lady in little mermaid)
Tricked beatrice (Borrachio's lover)
Who are the two lovers that are being tricked into liking one another
name the first two language devices used in the slide show
“sick in love”
repeats a word or sequence of words at the beginning of clauses, used by Shakespeare to place emphasis.
Holy Band
ClueAnswer about Much Ado
Beatrice's switch from prose to verse
common allusion Shakespeare uses
This scene fits into the action of the plot, as it is the
In this scene Hero and her two servants, Ursula and Margaret, use ____ to lure Beatrice into thinking Benedick likes her.
Throughout the play Beatrice and Benedick cover up their love for one another by
Shakespeare uses a ______ in which Beatrice and Benedick fall for one another.
place where we got our videos
color shirts we are all wearing
adjective used to describe this amazing sporcle game

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