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HintWho am I?What am I?
I'm the leader of the 'modern' appliances.
My guilty pleasures include marshmallows and mutilating appliances.
If you watch closely, I pull some suspect photos out of a drawer...
I've been called a 'little whimp' and 'crybaby.' Waaaaa!!!
I almost never shut up.
I'm the androgynous and courageous hero.
I have an excellent tenor, but I still go hungry
I tried to crush the master, and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling toaster!
HintWho am I?What am I?
You'd be grumpy too if you had to eat dirt all day!
I may be the most frightening aspect of the movie, and I carry a hose that shoots forks!
I developed a thing for Toaster, but when it was not reciprocated, I died. The whole thing was really weird.
Sure I'm stuck in the wall, but IT'S MY FUNCTION!!!
I have a thing for lanky bespectacled men.
I'm not the smartest in the bunch, but I have a couple bright ideas!
I must be a standup guy because five appliances travel across the world to find me.

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