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HintWho am I?What am I?
I have an excellent tenor, but I still go hungry
I tried to crush the master, and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling toaster!
You'd be grumpy too if you had to eat dirt all day!
If you watch closely, I pull some suspect photos out of a drawer...
Sure I'm stuck in the wall, but IT'S MY FUNCTION!!!
I developed a thing for Toaster, but when it was not reciprocated, I died. The whole thing was really weird.
I'm the leader of the 'modern' appliances.
I must be a standup guy because five appliances travel across the world to find me.
HintWho am I?What am I?
My guilty pleasures include marshmallows and mutilating appliances.
I've been called a 'little whimp' and 'crybaby.' Waaaaa!!!
I have a thing for lanky bespectacled men.
I may be the most frightening aspect of the movie, and I carry a hose that shoots forks!
I almost never shut up.
I'm not the smartest in the bunch, but I have a couple bright ideas!
I'm the androgynous and courageous hero.

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