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to talk
to act
to die
to recieve
to fill
to try (to attempt)
to accept, to approve
to descend/go down
to kick
to earn/ to win
to cancel
to throw
to have fun
to turn (a wheel, rotate)
to cry
to like something
to begin
to laugh
to maintain
to rain
to rest
to turn (a person)
to agree
to go to bed
to live
to learn
to wish, to desire
to cross
to offer
to be able to
to walk
to stop
to give
to hope, to wait for
to catch (person, disease)
to yell
to reach, to catch up
to work
to teach
to borrow from
to look for
to demonstrate
to project
to get, obtain
to finish
to feel/take notice of
to cough
to survive
to recognize
to rent
to obtain
to humiliate
to climb
to indicate
to suppose
to catch (a bus, train)
to leave behind/ to allow to remain
to remember
to hear
to achieve, attain, accomplish
to allow
to seem, appear
to listen
to feel (emotions, pain, cold...)
to open
to move
to close
to go
to cook
to fly
to iron
to give
to put
to inform
to put
to fry
to lie about something
to stand up
to believe
to appear, to show up
to serve
to freeze
to want
to kill
to promise
to explain
to do/ to make
to send
to change
to assist
to try (to sample)
to have
to sit
to brush (hair)
to cost
to treat, handle
to fall
to hold/ to grip
to sew
to play (ex. sports)
to know
to run
to forget
to save (money)
to dry
to introduce
to break
to discover
to suggest
to spend money
to appreciate
to sell
to bring
to sing
to breathe
to exist
to ride/to mount
to sneeze
to happen
to travel/ to visit
to look at
to have (general existence, temperature)
to occupy
to dream
to love something
to divide, to leave
to thaw
to drive (a car)
to request
to crash
to ask
to shave
to comprehend
to be
to arrest
to jump
to think
to endure
to write
to swim
to boil
to decide
to use
to eat
to keep, reserve
to fight
to find
to draw
to pay
to come
to embrace
to need
to melt
to leave (a place)
to sleep
to raise
to fulfill, carry out
to say
to create/ to make
to attend
to love someone
to shower
to lose
to chat
to hit
to value something, evaluate
to buy
to hate
to take out, or take (photos, notes)
to come back, to return
to fail
to raise (children, crops)
to help
to understand
to form, to shape
to enter
to study
to follow
to see
to defend
to advise, to councel
to smile
to prosecute
to read
to change
to stab (with a knife)
to warm
to arrive
to carry
to bake
to direct
to be born
to touch
to count, to relate, to tell
to play (an instrument)
to wake up
to clean
to sound
to hurt

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