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YearMovie TitleCharacter Name
1995Rex Manning
2004Regina George
1985Janey Glenn
1985John Bender
1995Missy Wiener
1989Katie Simpson
1986Duckie Dale
1993Fred O'Bannion
1999Patrick Verona
2004 Kip Dynamite
1983Sodapop Curtis
1987Daryl Coopersmith
2004Hilary Faye
1985Lane Meyer
YearMovie TitleCharacter Name
1988Heather Duke
1984Jake Ryan
2000Torrance Shipman
1986Cameron Frye
1989Diane Court
1992Stoney Brown
1979Richie White
1987Les Anderson
1999Josie Geller
1998Mike Dexter
1989Louise Miller
2002Shaun Brumder

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