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Who is cheating on his wife in Season 6?
Who briefly works at a bowling alley?
When did Jim buy Pam's engagement ring?
Who does Michael despise?
What does Michael liken an intervention to?
What department does Holly Flax work in?
What kind of theme does the Christmas party have in Season 5?
What is Michael's screename when he signs up for an online dating service?
What does Michael burn his foot with in 'The Injury'?
Who do Dwight and Michael visit the gravesite of?
Who falls off their stool at the Dundies ceremony?
Who is the original head of the Party Planning Committee?
What is Kevin's girlfriend's name?
Who convinces Dwight that Thursday is actually Friday?
What does Kevin call Oscar's leave of absence upon his return?
What celebrity is the center of the 'Is She Hot?' debate?
Who has their own bobblehead doll in their likeness?
What is Creed's job?
What is Ryan's original position at Dunder Mifflin?
Who wins the 'Fine Work' Dundie award?
Where does Michael try to force Meredith to go?
How does the office discover Ryan's arrest at Corporate?
Who does Dwight 'shun'?
How does Jan become pregnant?
Where does Andy propose to Angela?

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