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Co-StarFilmBox Office Gross
John Corbett$241,438,208
Helen Hunt$182,811,707
Kevin James$179,495,555
Julia Roberts$178,406,268
Cameron Diaz$176,484,651
Ryan Reynolds$163,802,563
Kim Cattrall$152,647,258
Richard Gere$152,257,509
Seth Rogen$148,768,917
Jack Nicholson$148,478,011
Steve Martin$132,716,677
Eddie Murphy$128,152,301
Patrick Dempsey$127,223,418
Rupert Everett$127,120,029
Meg Ryan$126,680,884
Winona Ryder$126,293,452
Diane Keaton$124,728,738
Adam Sandler$120,908,074
Co-StarFilmBox Office Gross
Vince Vaughn$118,703,275
Julia Roberts$116,089,678
Tom Hanks$115,821,495
Kate Hudson$105,813,373
Joseph Fiennes$100,317,794
Eddie Murphy$95,673,607
Liza Minelli$95,461,682
Ralph Fiennes$94,011,225
Jennifer Connelly$93,953,653
Catherine Zeta Jones$93,607,673
Sandra Bullock$93,354,851
Billy Crystal$92,823,546
Gerard Butler$88,915,214
Sarah Jessica Parker$88,715,192
Ben Stiller$88,097,164
Bill Pullman$81,057,016

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