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Actor/ActressFilmWorldwide Gross To Date
Kate Bosworth$391,120,000
Liam Neeson$924,288,297
Diane Keaton$268,500,000
Julia Roberts$463.400,000
Whoopi Goldberg$783,839,505
Bill Murray$291,632,124
Lindsay Lohan$160,822,438
Will Smith$817,400,878
Scarlett Johansson$178,390,243
Katharine Hepburn$119,285,432
Tom Cruise$591,745,532
Halle Berry$459,359,555
George Clooney$450,728,529
Drew Barrymore$792,910,554
Ryan Reynolds$374,825,760
Actor/ActressFilmWorldwide Gross To Date
Robert DeNiro$516,567,575
Steve Martin$218,600,000
Jennifer Connelly$316,708,996
Jennifer Garner$449,239,855
Chris Rock$599,516,844
Kate Hudson$177,079,973
Kate Winslet$1,842,879,955
Gwyneth Paltrow$582,313,199
Will Ferrell$309,600,000
John Malkovich$249,488,115
Shirley Maclaine$131,413,159
Anna Faris$422,681,073
Ryan Gosling$136,706,683
Tom Hanks$757,236,138
Adam Sandler$237,555,633

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