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Convention/Summer ProgramAdditional Information
 Regional board is elected here, often largest convention of year
 Leadership seminar part of Passport 2 Israel, with a partial focus on Jewish history
 New members are taught about BBYO and inducted into the region
 Jewish seminar for 3 weeks in the summer
 Convention for current board members or members who aspire to take a leadership position in their chapters
 Takes place every February, leaders from many regions and countries attend, International Board is elected
 7 sessions in Wisconsin and West Virginia throughout the summer for current or aspiring chapter leaders
Convention/Summer ProgramAdditional Information
 Goes to many cities doing community service, like Chicago, Boston, and DC
 Previously called Judaism Conclave, regional convention with emphasis on Jewish learning
 First convention of the year, aptly
 Summer program at Perlman Camp in Pennsylvania, for current or aspiring regional and international leaders
 Travels to Europe, Israel, Costa Rica, etc, open to all Jewish teens, not just those in BBYO
 Holocaust remembrance trip to Poland and Israel
 Takes place every August in DC, International Board installed

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