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A fairly well-known women's magazine that Mrs. Weasley reads; Gilderoy Lockhart has won an award 5 times from it
Newspaper owned and published by Xenophilius Lovegood, crazy but ends up being truthful (DH)
Used by James and Sirius while in separate detentions, given by Sirius to Harry
Used by the DA so Harry could tell the others when the next meeting was
The primary method of communication among wizards, sends letters and packages
Very widely read newspaper in the wizarding Britain, is not to be trusted
Invented by Dumbledore and used by the Order of the Phoenix usually, this is a specific use of a defense charm that allows people to communicate with one another without being inte
The wizarding equivalent of a radio network, but powered by magic (name)
These enchanted items are used for inter-departmental memos at the Ministry of Magic Headquarters
Magazine about Quidditch and the different broomsticks you can get, quoted by some characters
Used exclusively by Lord Voldemort; each Death Eater is tatooed with one
Used by Muggles mostly, and by Ron once, and never again will he do this!

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