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The High School
Star of the Glee Club
Glee Club Stud
Head Teacher of Glee
What other class does he teach?
Mohawk-sporting Glee Singer
Black Singer
Gay Singer
Pregnant Cheerleader
Ironically, the president of what club?
Ditzy Blonde Cheerleader
Slutty Cheerleader
Goth Glee Singer
Handicapped Glee Singer
Cheerios Coach
Guidance Counselor
She has a problem with?
Football/Basketball Coach
Art Director (fired)
Woodworking Teacher with an addiction to cough medicine
Not so pregnant wife of Glee Teacher
Name of her crazy sister?
First song the Glee Club sings (with Finn)
The two songs in the boys mashup
The two songs in the girls mashup
Song in the Wheelchair Number
3 Time National Winning Glee Club
Lead Singer
Dance Coach
We first see them sing what song?
This Glee Club is from what high school?
Rachel's Glee Audition Song
The Name of the Glee Club?
Psychotic Girl who had a crush on the Glee Teacher?
First Song sung by the Glee Club at Sectionals
In the first episode, the Glee Teacher was going to quit for what other profession?
What song does the deaf choir sing (not during sectionals)
What song does the juvie choir sing (not during sectionals)
When the Cheerio Coach reinstates the Art Director, what musical to they put on to steal the Glee star?
While trying to raise money for a wheelchair compatible bus, what does the Glee Club make?
The Finale Song they sing during sectionals

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