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DescriptionVillian/EnemySeason and Episode
Lava-ish, sentient being. Brings mannequins to life by use of London EyeSeries 1, Ep 1: Rose
'Last' pure humanSeries 1, Ep 2: The End of the World, Series 2, Ep 1: New Earth
Spirit creatures in the Gas line, possessed dead bodies, came through the rift at CardiffSeries 1, Ep 3: The Unquiet Dead
Tall green aliens from RaxicoricofallapatoriusSeries 1, Ep 4: Aliens of London, Ep 5: World War 3, Ep 11: Boom Town
Robots, participants in the Time WarSeries 1, Ep 6: ______, Ep 12: Bad Wolf, Ep 13: Parting of the Ways, Series 2, Ep 12: Army of Ghosts, Ep 13: Doomsday, Series 3, Ep 4: _______ in Manhattan, Ep 5: Evolution of the _____, Series 4, Ep 12: The Stolen Earth, Ep 13: Journey's End, Series 5, Ep 3: Victory of the ________
Giant, gelatinous creature in the ceiling of Gamestation 5Series 1, Ep 7: The Long Game
Creatures that heal wounds in time by feasting upon everything.Series 1, Ep 8: Father's Day
Tiny medical creatures that can rebuild any organismSeries 1, Ep 9: The Empty Child, Ep 10: The Doctor Dances
Created at the Full MoonSeries 2, Ep 2: Tooth and Claw
Take bits and pieces from people they've conqueredSeries 2, Ep 3: School Reunion
Metal menSeries 2, Ep 5: Rise of the ______, Ep 6: Age of Steel, Ep 12: Army of Ghosts, Ep 13: Doomsday
Steals people's faces through the TVSeries 2, Ep 7: The Idiot's Lantern
Servants to humans, hold their brains in their handsSeries 2, Ep 8: The Impossible Planet, Ep 9: The Satan Pit, Series 4, Ep 3: Planet of the ___
Demonic Spirit, goes by many namesSeries 2, Ep 8: The Impossible Planet, Ep 9: The _____ Pit
Cousin of the aliens from Raxicoricofallapatorius, from Clom, absorbs peopleSeries 2, Ep 9: Love and Monsters
Inhabits a girl who begins drawing people into picturesSeries 2, Ep 10: Fear Her
Intergalactic police, resemble rhinos Series 3, Ep 1: Smith and Jones
Human like shapeshifters that drink bloodSeries 3, Ep 1: Smith and Jones
DescriptionVillian/EnemySeason and Episode
Hag like witchesSeries 3, Ep 2: The Shakespeare Code
Giant crab-like aliens at the bottom of the MotorwaySeries 3, Ep 3: Gridlock
Man, who in an attempt to make himself young, changes his DNASeries 3, Ep 6: The _______ Experiment
'Family' that landed, animated scarecrows, hunted the DoctorSeries 3, Ep 8: Human Nature, Ep 9: The ______ __ _____
Don't Blink.Series 3, Ep 10: Blink, Series 5, Ep 4: The Time of ______, Ep 5: Of Flesh and Stone
Another remaining Time LordSeries 3, Ep 11: Utopia, Ep 12, The Sound of Drums, Ep 13: Last of the Time Lords, Specials: End of Time Part 1, End of Time Part 2
Made from humans from the future, work for the above villainSeries 3, Ep 12: The Sound of Drums, Ep 13: Last of the Time Lords
Other time lord, who tried to bring back the species with the sound of drumsSpecials: The End of the World Part 2
Creatures made from living fatSeries 4, Ep 1: Partners in Crime
Stone and magma creatures that landed in PompeiiSeries 4, Ep 2: The Fires of Pompeii
Cloned creatures that are masters of war, with potato shaped headsSeries 4, Ep 4: The ______ Stratagem, Ep 5: The Poison Sky
Giant Insect that killed with a lead pipeSeries 4, Ep 7: The Unicorn and the _____
Piranhas of the air and shadows Series 4, Ep 8: Silence in the Library, Ep 9: Forest of the Dead
Creator of the Doctor's greatest enemySeries 4, Ep 12: The Stolen Earth, Ep 13: Journey's End
Spider WomanSpecials: The Runaway Bride
Came through a crack in the wall in Amy's houseSeries 5, Ep 1: The Eleventh Hour
Reptilian creatures living undergroundSeries 5, Ep 8: The Hungry Earth, Ep 9: Cold Blood
Blind, vicious, bird creatureSeries 5, Ep 10: Vincent and the Doctor

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