Orphan Black Word Ladders

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Can you name the words in these 3 Orphan Black-themed mini word ladders?

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◉ Sarah's loser ex-boyfriend ◉
Lively or energetic spirit
Outer edge or margin
Ready, ___, fire
Upper limb
A portion of a circle
◉ Sarah's pretend cop partner ◉
◉ Sarah's pretend boyfriend ◉
A shroud for a coffin
Buddies, friends
Units of butter at a diner
A way, route, course
An immersive way of washing
◉ Sarah's false identity ◉
◉ What Sarah discovers she is ◉
A hollow dull sound
Timepiece for a wall
A quick sharp sound
Cut me some _____
Intense adverse criticism
◉ Part of the show title ◉

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