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Can you name the four-letter words in this Stephen Sondheim-themed word ladder?

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Sondheim's Myers-Briggs type
* ____ the Woods (1987) *
____-European languages
Prefix meaning within
The ____ justify the beans
River in Austria
A very long time
A very large amount
Foot fingers
____ the line
* Sweeney ____ (1979) *
Cousin of The Frogs (1974)
* ____ Show (2008) *
Consume literature
The back end
* Do I ____ a Waltz? (1965) *
Decayed vegetation, usually moss
Cheeky, brash, lively
Cheer up
* Sunday in the ____ with George (1984) *
Less than the whole
Not present or future
A nuisance
* ____ Side Story (1957) *
Judge not ____ ye be judged
Opposite of first
Manifest, index
Rhythmic cadence
Favor one side
Work the land, like a farmer
Payment or fee
* Merrily We ____ Along (1981) *

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