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I am Rory's first kiss and boyfriend
Lorelai and I started dating secretly, because I'm Rory's teacher
Lane and I went on a double date with Rory and Dean
Sookie and I finally decided to go out
Emily and I are happily married
I have a secret crush on Lorelai, and everyone knows but her
Lorelai and I were set up on a terrible double date; we both didn't like each other
Lorelai and I have an off-an-on relationship, but I am Rory's father, so I'll always be in her life
Rory and I had one kiss at a party, but she started crying
Luke and I have dated a lot in the past, but I finally ended it with him because he was in love with someone else
I proposed with 100 yellow daisies, but she broke it off with me at the last minute
Rory and I got back together after she finally told me she loves me
Lane and I met through Rory and secretly dated, even though her mom would have loved me
Rory and I kiss when I come back, even though she's still dating Dean
Lorelai and I almost got back together for real, but I really screwed up this time
Christopher got me pregnant, but then I left him and our daughter
Sookie and I get married!
I am the first guy Paris has officially dated; we met at the D.C. internship
I ask Lorelai out on a date after being encouraged by Luke
Rory and I broke up because I figured out that she was in love with Jess
Lane and I start dating secretly until her mom finally gives us permission to go to prom
Rory and I finally start dating for real
Lorelai and I go out and I invite her on a fishing trip
Dean I and start dating, and he proposes to me right after we graduate from high school
I leave without saying goodbye... again
Luke and I get married on a cruise, but then we decided to get divorced
Lorelai and I were childhood friends and I am her dad's business partner; we start dating, keeping it secret from Emily and Richard
Rory and I go out for one date, it didn't go so well and we ended up sitting on the same side of the table
I am Kirk's first official girlfriend
I am Richard's old college girlfriend, whom Emily is quite jealous of
Paris and I start dating, while she is still dating her old boyfriend
Liz, Luke's younger sister, and I get married
Rory and I kiss on spring break
Lorelai and I finally get together after years of my secret crush on her
Richard and I decide to be separated for a while
Rory and I sleep together, even though I'm married, and we get back together for a little while
Emily and I start dating after she and Richard are separated
Paris and I meet while speed-dating and end up dating
Rory and I have been friends for quite a while, and I finally get up the nerve to ask her out, but she's dating someone else
Emily and I get back together after a stray dog reunites us
Rory and I start dating, but it's casual
Lane and I are in the same band, and we start dating
Due to Emily's meddling Lorelai and I break up, but we soon get back together
I ask Rory to a party and Logan becomes very jealous
I decide to make Rory my official and only girlfriend
Lorelai turns to me after Luke turns down her ultimatum
Lane and I get married!
Luke and I go out on a vegan date; I am April's swim coach
Lorelai and I get married... and divorced
I propose to Rory, but she said no

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