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Champion TitleChampion NameHint
The Tiny Master of EvilEvil Yordle
The Frost ArcherTutorial champion
The Great Steam GolemCreated by mad scientists of Zaun
The CryophoenixOnly champion that can survive death, without guardian angel that is
The Revered InventerRuler of the Yordles
The Rogue MageSpells are tattooed on this Champion's body
The Wuju BladesmanVillage was destroyed by the Noxian army, with an invention of Singed
The Daring BombardierHas a ship made by Heimerdinger
The Rabble RouserHad an original title of 'Cask Master'
The Barbarian KingSurvived as a child by hiding under his parents' corpses from Noxian soldier
The Battle MistressThis champion's ultimate is NOT called 'On The Run'
The DeathsingerShares a similar innate with Kog'Maw
The ChronokeeperSimilar to father time
The Master of MetalFeeds off the plague-ridden and diseased
The Card MasterOriginally from Demacia before traveling to Zaun
The Grandmaster at ArmsOnly uses nonconventional weapons
The Bestial HuntressRaised in the Kumungu Jungle
The Sad MummyOldest Yordle
The Dark ChildChild of a grey witch and a cabal warlock
The Void WalkerProtects others from the torments of the void
The Plague RatUses toxic soup as poison
The Swift ScoutInsane Yordle
The WidowmakerShares the quote, 'Misery loves company' with Mordekaiser
The Mouth of the Abyssled to The League by Malzahar
The Harbinger of DoomBorn of fear
The Yeti RiderRides his brother, Willump
The Undead ChampionWields an axe named 'Chopper'
Champion TitleChampion NameHint
The Fist of ShadowOne of the three ninjas
The Blood HunterTransformed by Soraka
The Gem KnightHolds his weapons differently in-game than in his skin pictures
The Prodigal ExplorerAll 'skill'
The Megling GunnerCarries a large gun created by Heimerdinger
The JudicatorMorgana's sister
The Eye of TwilightOne of the three ninjas
The Iron AmbassadorFighting is srs bsns
The StarchildUsed to be a god
The Artisan of WarThis champion's joke, taunt, and many quotes are references from the movie '300'
The BerserkerModeled after The Techno Viking
The Fallen AngelFights in The League for the sole purpose of destroying her sister
The Heart of the TempestOne of the three ninjas
The Might of DemaciaIn a relationship with Katarina
The ArmordilloGreat sense of humor
The Madman of ZaunGoes where he pleases
The Prophet of the VoidOnly champion with an innate summon
The Mad ChemistWorked for Warwick
The Shard of the MonolithSummoned to help bring order to the chaos of Runeterra
The MinotaurFreed from a Noxian prison by a girl named Ayelia
The Strom's FuryLargest champion hit box in the game
The Sinister BladeDaughter of Noxian General
The Demon JesterBelieved to be the demonic manifestation of humanity's dark urges
The Saltwater ScourgeKilled his own father
The Terror of the VoidLost to Tibbers in a 1v1
The Animal SpiritTrained by the three ninjas
The Curator of the SandsOne of the few champions who can change appearance in-game.

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