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Why did I explode?
We'll shove our fists right up their ass!
We're doin' commentary, mate.
We get it! You're from space!
Jesus, I overslept. It's already night... for the first time since I got here... on a planet with three suns...oh, you MOTHERF*CKERS!!!
AAAAAAH! No! MY FACE! My precious modeling career.
Come on guys! We could use whales. Whales!
At least I get some puss... wow, that did NOT come out right.
Ok, I think I got this one: pretty one, stupid one, one with weird powers.
Not quite yet, Lord Frieza. Lastly, I must complete the 'Daddy's Little Princess Dance'.
If we're gonna be a team, we need a name. Ooh! I know! How about 'Team Three Star'?
Thank you, Zarbon. That's very good to hea- *cough* *wheeze* *hack* Aah, sorry about that. I had something in my throat.
I feel that they have finally summoned the dragon... would be a real dick move to die right now...
Yeah, well. See, I'm more of a 'in the now' kinda guy. Like... what am I gonna eat now? Who am I gonna kill now? In this regard, you're probably gonna be both.
Don't feel bad. At least you've proven that your Raditz is still stronger than our Raditz.
Now watch, Kakarrot, as your life becomes inconsequential as I reveal my giant monkey!
The Ginyu Force shall make them fall/
First you put your hand upon me... yes, like that... now lower... lower... little lower... ahh, if we had junk, you'd be gay right now.
And blue... blue and tall, and you're so red and short. It was the perfect little yin-yang thing we had going.
Wait, my son, the planet, or me?
Ok, the second they summon the dragon, I'll swoop in and break the bald one's neck. Totally gonna yell 'team 3 star' when I do it, too!
Minion 43, would you come in here for a second, please? I need an example.
We'll beat them all, secure the course/
and then you used your Kien-zan to cut him in half?
Seems he threw my nervous system out of wack there. Can't quite feel the pain... there it is!
I once had a crush on a little Indian boy that I thought was a girl.
Sup, Bubblegum?
Vegeta! You think that just because you're the prince of all Saiyans you're the best at what you do, but let [character's name] tell ya somethin' brotha, you ain't no Wolverine!
How many Namekkians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The whole race. One to screw it in and the rest to die... and then the other one dies too.
Why aren't the Ginyus showing up? Oh, they're dead.... Why are they dead?!?
Hold zee f***ing frog legs!!
Shut your f***ing face!!
To put it in terms you'll understand: I'm about to blow my load all over your insides.
Well, let me put this in terms you'll understand: 'You can win! You feel great! You-can-do-this!'.
I'm'a rape ya, bitch!
Hahahooooooooh my! ...12
I really do love kids. They don't leave much of a mess.
That's right. He was so weak we could actually grow Raditzes.
Hey, Kakarrot. What's the opposite of Christopher Walken? [breaks his legs] Christopher Reeve!
I killed everything here with my bare hands, including the bear hands.
I'd best get back to Lord Frieza. If I take too long he will really lay into me.
They make a special shampoo for that, I hear.
I like you. I'm going to call you 'little green'!
Child psychology... with a minor in pain!
Damn! My eyes! God, it's like walking in on Frieza in the shower!
But the good news is we're going to Dairy Queen!
We're a traveling improv group. Here, let me give you a demonstration. My men shall play a group of drunken sailors and you're a bunch of baby seals. Aaaaand go
Hey, Piccolo. Mind if I ask you something? You're not human either, right? And your dad spit you out as an egg, right? Are...are you a Yoshi?
Are we there yet?
Vegeta! How dare you ram into me while I'm thinking about Lord Frieza in my thong!
Kiss my ass, bitch, I'm immortal!
An Albino Namekkian! Kill it like the rest.
I might be younger than you, smaller than you, weaker than you, and much less experienced, but I learned more about peach farming than you... I think this was a horrible decision.
Just listening to the space duck... what a majestic creature.
Raditz... Raditz... guy who's as strong as a saibaman says what?
WHOA!! Those things [dragonballs] are huge! ACDC be damned!
I just felt a power bigger than... than... Krillin's losing streak!
Yeah. I'm fan-f***ing-tastic. Nothing but gumdrops and ice cream in here.
Well, if it isn't Faggoty Andy and On-the-Raggedy Ann!
I'm sorry, but at this point, all I hear is 'hit me, [character's name]. Please kill me. God this armor makes me look fat.'
Oh my God, it's Sonic the Hedgehog!
Welcome to Oz, bitch!
Aye! Space Aus, that's me 'ome planet!
'I, Prince Vegeta, have become a super saiyan' blah-blah blah-blah, I get it. Then you slay the jabberwocky and went on to save Narnia.
The name's [character's name]. It rhymes with doom! And you're gonna be hurtin' all...too...SOOOOOOOONAH!!
What? A freaky alien genotype. What'd you think I meant?
Then these two guys double-teamed me. One of them took it really hard in the back, but the other didn't seem that interested, so he went and brought this really horny guy.
Son of a gum-chewing funk monster! Why the fruit does all this funny stuff happen to me? Forget my life!
If trouble meets us as we pass/
Butter! That'll go great on my Grand Slam!
Oh, I've had worse. You know, when I died. This is definitely a close second, though.
Clothes beam!
Hey, by the way, don't I look like that one guy that Vegeta landed with back on Earth? What was his name again? Hey Vegeta, what was that one guy's name? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta...
Oy! I appreciate that, but I say I'm more 'andsome than pretty!
Nine minutes, eighteen seconds... nine minutes, eighteen seconds...
Fool. If I had trained him in the new way, he might have stood a chance.
WAIT, Vegeta! W-we could team up against Frieza, and rule the universe... as husband and wife!
Big Green! I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek.
But I waxed off everything! I waxed off your car, I waxed off your house, I even waxed off your monkey!
Oh, trust me, I know what it's like to take a hard one to the face.
I...hate...all of you.
Aah, who do ve have here? A little girly man, ja?
It means I'm of the upper class. A finer breed. The highest grade of warrior! [pause] *sigh* Ok, consider yourself beef jerky while I'm filet mignon.
What the bleedin' 'ell? We were 'avin' a right ripsnorter 'ere and then this piker shows up and just like that it's good night, Irene!
Too bad. He was such a dashing rogue.
Did that cat just talk?
Allright, let's see here... ok, full moon... lose your tail, stronger every time you... oh... well I'm right f***ed, aren't I?
Are you kidding? That sh*t's great for my glaucoma!
You're thinking about what Zarbon did to you while you were unconscious... have fun with that.
Sure is 'Zarbon' in here.
No! I am not slower than f***ing Guldo!!
I'll be honest. You're the only one I really cared about. Everyone else was kinda bland. Except for Selypa. She was the only one here with a decent pair of t...
Look, buddy. If you wanna add me on myspace, I switched to spacebook a while ago.
You keep guard out here. Make sure not to go too far, I like my meat shields within bullet-blocking distance.
Honey, I don't see a sandwich with this beer.
What smells like deer?
You're still only the second most annoying bald person I've ever had the displeasure to work with.
I think I hear a duck, but... this far out in space?? That doesn't make any sense!
I'm about to misuse my hand upside your head.
So... we've been flying for about 20 minutes now... got any family? ...Because if so, I probably killed them.
If I had to guess your biggest mistake it would be not stopping him. That or the purple lipstick.
Vegeeeeeeeeeeta... I'm haunting you.
That is identity theft! We're gonna sue the crap out of you!
Lord King Cold's army's greatest force/
Oh, Goku. You can call me what everybody else calls me: MILF. I have no idea what it means, but it's just the cutest little name.
And look at you: still packing away more bacon than Hormel.
It's his turn, Vegeta. I have to wait for him.
Enjoy the climb back up, bitch!
Are you sure about this? Because even if you're a little sorry...
Not telling the Captain 1-2-3-not it!
I'm going to eviscerate you and use your gastrointestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!
I'd castrate the messenger in his sleep with a rusty carving knife.
Face down with another man beating your ass. Is it Wednesday already, Zarbon?
Remember when we used to do stuff? You know, be out there with them. And help.
This is vintage Recoome right here!
This is hardly the time or the place! Besides, I did it in the pod on the way here.
I'm drinkin' OJ. Now it's apple juice. Now it's beer. Yay, beer.
I'm not a pokemon; I'm [character's name]. [character's name]
Really should have told Frieza to stay off the Twitter.
Not to mention I lost Dodoria and Zarbon, the latter of whom spent 400 credits making long-distance calls to his girlfriend, who I am convinced was named 'Chuck'.
But Vegeta, then you'd have to worry about the fraggles.
Zarbon, 2 or 3 more.
I had a helluva day, Vegeta. I sank their battleship... and their whales.
Well, first off we have to touch on Frieza's balls.
Now for the folks viewing at home, the rules are simple: one of my men will spin the wheel, and whoever it lands on, he kills!
Chiaotzu! My partner!
All right, Maggots. Listen up. [character's name]'s 'bout to teach you the pecking order. It goes you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, [name]'s stool, Kami, then [name].
It'd be really nice to wake up in the morning, press a button, and have muffins.
This is easily the second worst hole I've ever had in my chest.
And now, zee perfect place for a shopping mall. It will have a cigarette shop, a baguette restaurant, zee Napoleon museum, and a movie theatre showing movies starring Jean Renoir.
So, the battle is about to begin! The showdown between the Saiyan elite and the low-class warrior, trained by me. Taking all bets, guys.
Oh, you can't beat my thpeed! I'm the fastetht in the univerth.
Brought to you by Space Four-X. Space Four-X, because Space-V.B. is piss.
And not just any mahogony, but mahogony from the planet of Malchior 7, where the trees are 300 feet tall and breathe fire.
And that one's Snuggles, and that one's Foofoo, and that one's Cabbagehead, that one's Other Cabbagehead, and that one's Vegeta Jr. [BOOM] Vegeta Jr, NOOOOOOO!!
First rule of Popo's training: do NOT talk about Popo's training! Second rule of Popo's training...
Peaceful young races with fires on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow toward their new king, these are a few of my favorite things.
But Vegeta... tricks are for kids.
Bored now. Reading your mind. Haha, that thing was a guy.
I'm about to rock you... like a hurricane.
Speed of light and strength of all/
Did I just get hit by a bowlcut?
Vegeta! Look! A pokemon.
I'll tell you where they're not: safe.
Well, sir, if you're having a problem with our customer support, you can call 1-800-eat-a-d*ck.
Did ya try working the shaft?
As a memorial to Yamcha: gay.
Oh my god! I'm not the first person to die in this series!
Life sure has a way of working itself out: I find Cui, I kill Cui; I find Dodoria, I kill Dodoria; I find this Dragonball, I take this Dragonball.
...and that's why I was considered the most beautiful and fertile woman on my home planet.
Well, if you ask me, all she needs is a little bit of wink wink, nudge nudge, [click click, whistle] .
Aww! Look, it's Guldo! You wanna biscuit, boy? You wanna biscuit?
Did you see that? His power...he can... summon steamrollers.'
Right in the downunder.
Man, you must suck at math even worse than me. There's only two of you.
Yarr! I have 50 gold doubloons on the short one.
Yeah, that's fantastic and entertaining and all that, but first, if you don't mind me, I need to use the restroom... about a hundred miles away.
Let me guess: pretty one, stupid one, one with weird powers.
Hi. I'm [character's name]. And this is Vegeta. He was a prison bitch.

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