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Can you name the occupations of these Simpsons characters?

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 Homer Simpson
 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
 Moe Szyzlak
 Seymour Skinner
 Rainier Wolfcastle
 Herschel Krustofsky
 Timothy Lovejoy
 Ned Flanders
 Edna Krabappel
 Dewey Largo
 Clancy Wiggum
 Marvin Monroe
 Bleeding Gums Murphy
 Lionel Hutz
 Drederick Taytum
 Diamond Joe Quimby
 Patty Bouvier
 Barney Gumble
 Nick Riviera
 Arthur Crandall
 Fat Tony
 John Frink
 Luigi Risotto
 Robert Terwilliger
 Jack Larson
 Roy Snyder
 Mary Bailey
 Princess Kashmir
 Gary Chalmers
 Hyman Krustofsky
 Horatio McCallister
 Llewellyn Sinclair
 Lyle Lanley
 Dr. Wolfe
 Brad Goodman
 Race Banyon
 Vittorio DiMaggio
 Leslie Hapablap
 Larry Burns
 Sherry Bobbins
 Max Power
 Julius Hibbert

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