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sport and descriptionteamyear
This NBA team won 11 NBA championships in 13 seasons1956-69
College Basketball-This team won 10 titles in 12 years including a remarkable seven straight1963-75
MlB- This team won five straight world series titles1949-53
This NBA won 6 NBA championships in 8 years1990-98
This NFL team won 4 super bowls in 6 years1974-80
This NHL team won 5 stanley cup s in 7 years1975-79
This NBA team won 5 NBa titles and made it to the Fianls eight times1979-89
This NHL history won five Cups in Seven years1983-90
This Nfl team won the first two super bowls and had 5 NFL titles and three NFl championships game in that decade1961-68
This MLB team was the first to win 4 consecutive World Series titles1936-39
sport and descriptionteamyear
This womens college basketball has a win streak to 90 1999-present
College football- This team won the national title in three of those four seasons and had heisman troophy winners in two of them 1946-49
NFL-This team won four of the Super bowls and only missed the playoffs once during that stretch.1981-90
NHL-This team won five consecutive Stanley cups1955-60
NHL-This team won four straight Stanley Cups also won 16 consecutive playoff series1979-83
NFL-This team won 3 Super Bowl Titles and had a 18 game regular season win streak2001-05
MLB-This team won 4 world series in 5 seasons1996-00
MlB-This team won three consecutive World Series1972-74
NBA-this team won three straight championships1999-02

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