Leaders of Germany

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Can you name the Leaders of Germany (including East and West Germany between 1945-1989)?

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YearsLeaderFormal Title
1867-1871Unifier of Germany *not official title*
1919-1925President of the German Republic
1925-1934President of the German Republic
1933-1945Chancellor of the Third Reich
1949-1963Chancellor of West Germany
1950-1971General Secretary of East Germany
1963-1966Chancellor of West Germany
YearsLeaderFormal Title
1966-1969Chancellor of West Germany
1969-1974Chancellor of West Germany
1971-1989General Secretary of East Germany
1974-1982Chancellor of West Germany
1982-1990Chancellor of West Germany
1989General Secretary of East Germany
1990-1998Chancellor of Germany
1998-2005Chancellor of Germany
2005-presentChancellor of Germany

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