Ultimate Frisbee Teams

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Can you name the Ultimate Frisbee Teams of America?

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Sock GuyAndrew Flemming
The best gay rugby team in the Larger Boston AreaAdam Sigelman
Bunch a hodgrags...sweet and a SuitBen Felman
Catapillar, Bobcat, VolvoCate Foster
Angry Bush or ClooneyAlbob Bob
Ride the waveEvan Johnson
manwomenEmily Damon
Turn It UpWill Chen and steeeeeeeetz
Twice as fatTank
Do you want tickets?Rocky Beach
Rocket PowerStevo Ruisse
Don't Stop Me NowJess Blanton
Where I would find whores and homefriesSean Mccomb
Walk (to) the lineKen Porter
You killed my father prepare to dienietsreppiz yrod
Steeeeeeeeeeeeetz...and a big birdBrandon Steeeeeeeetz
Quit sucking BVH's tittiesJody Jody
When was there ever a riot in seattle?Ahole's Girlfriend
Frosty am I rightTodd Owens
The classic matchup between the south vs canadaFrank and Joel Wooten
Quit sucking my tittiesJeff Lindquist

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