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Can you name the One-Word TV Series whose name is the name of the main character?

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Network & Original RunSeries TitleSeries Star
ABC 1955-1963Clint Walker
ABC 1957-1962James Garner
CBS 1967-1975Mike Connors
NBC 1967-1975Raymond Burr
NBC 1968-1971Diahann Carroll
NBC 1970-1977Dennis Weaver
NBC/ABC 1971-1978; 1989-2003 occasionallyPeter Falk
CBS 1972-1978Bea Arthur
ABC 1973-1974Tony Musante
CBS 1973-1978Telly Savalas
NBC 1974-1976Barry Newman
Network & Original RunSeries TitleSeries Star
CBS 1974-1978Valerie Harper
CBS 1975-1977Cloris Leachman
ABC 1975-1978Robert Blake
CBS 1976-1985Linda Lavin
ABC 1979-1986Robert Guillaume
ABC 1985-1992Richard Dean Anderson
NBC/ABC 1986-1995Andy Griffith
USA 2002-2009Tony Shalhoub
NBC 2007-presentZachary Levi
ABC 2009-presentNathan Fillion

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