Spanish Final-Verb Tenses

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Si clauses
si+imperfect subjunctive=____ 
si+pluperfect subjunctive=_______conditional perfect 
Past Perfect (pluscuam perfecto)
I had (past before another past) 
You had 
He/she/you had 
We had 
Past Perfect (pluscuam perfecto)
They had 
Pluperfect Subjunctive (pluscuam perfecto subjunctivo)
I had (Subj) 
You had (Subj) 
He/she/you had (Subj) 
We had (Subj) 
They had (Subj) 
Imperfect (imperfecto)
I talked (imp) 
You talked (imp) 
He/she/you talked (imp) 
We talked (imp) 
They talked (imp) 
Preterite (preterito)
I ate (pret) 
You ate (pret) 
He/she/you ate (pret) 
We ate (pret) 
They ate (pret) 
Imperfect Subjunctive (Imperfecto del subjunctivo)
I (hablar, comer) 
You (hablar, comer) 
He/she/you (hablar, comer) 
We (hablar, comer) 
They (hablar, comer) 
Conditional (Condicional)
I would eat 
You would eat 
He/she/you would eat 
We would eat 
They would eat 
Conditional Perfect (Condicional perfecto)
I would have 
You would have 
He/she/you would have 
We would have 
They would have 
Present Perfect (presente perfecto)
I have 
You have 
He/she/you have/has 
We have 
They have 
Present Perfect Subjunctive (presente perfecto subjunctivo)
I have (subj) 
You have (subj) 
He/she/you (subj) 
We have (subj) 
They have (subj) 
Present (presente)
I eat 
You eat 
He/she/you eat 
We eat 
They eat 
Future Perfect (Futuro perfecto)
I will have (future before another future) 
You will have 
He/she/you will have 
We will have 
They will have 
Future (futuro)
I will eat 
You will eat 
He/she/you will eat 
We will eat 
They will eat 
Present Subjunctive (subjunctivo)
I will eat (subj) 
You will eat (subj) 
He/she/you will eat (subj) 
We will eat (subj) 
They will eat (subj) 

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