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current rates called _____ stage, as low as in 1950's
act-prevented unfairness/deceptiveness in commerce
window displays-anyone could touch it
example of a mixed economy
excess supply
how will it get there?
third function of marketing-how much should we charge?
act-fair prices
seventh function of marketing
fourth utility-exchange something for $
largest legal monopoly in USA
types of advertising-really cheap
sixth function of marketing
when supply equals demand
the amount of goods producers are willing/able to sell/make
the indicator of how economis are doing
types of advertising-55% of Americans read
TJ Max buying extra stuff, ________ surplus
types of advertising-visually appealing
types of advertising-most expensive
window classes-one view, head on
fundamentals on how our country works
what do people need/want?
had an steel monopoly
example of a command economy
what does it do?
what is Economic Benefits Marketing made of?
rate that changes based on the economy
not enough supply for demand
next generation (1965-1976)
target marketing is part of this
fifth function of marketing
window displays-has different products, or just one
face of the company
first utility-has to fit your needs
command economy
process from which an idea is formed, developed, promoted and distributed
something marketed intangible
window classes-two adjacent sides viewed
first function of marketing
fourth function of marketing
window displays-can't be reached or touched
second utility-location, slotting
act-to stop monopolies
studies of statistics that describe a population
cost of borrowing money (Rate)
most profit margins are more than ____%
discounts on rates and taxes
had an train monopoly
Controling a market
had an oil monopoly
example of a free enterprise economy
breaking up a group of people by specific things or traits
prevents surplus, shortage, scarcity
act-can't discriminate over prices
window classes-can see from multiple angles
second function of marketing-how to pay for it (capital)
GDP w/o expenses, the net product
resources and _____ can change supply
window displays-all about an image (Macy's)
limited resources
Generation that makes up 51% of wealth in USA (1946-1964)
__________ shortages, limited editions will cost more
free enterprise economy
third utility-what is on the product? instructions, hazards, etc.
technology generation, most brand loyal (1977-1997)
something marketed-tangible
affected by holidays, trends, and current events
on supply vs demand graph, always up to the right
on supply vs demand graph, always down to the right
act-can't give allowances
fifth utility-when will it be sold
mixed economy
Measurement of all things we produce and services we provide

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