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what is the horizontal asymtote of y=2x-7/5x+3
State the domain and range for f(x)=x^2
Factor y=3x^2-27 completely
At what values are: y=30x+50 and Y=15x+20 worth the same
solve (log4)32+(log4)2
where do y=2x^2-1 and its recipricol intersect
F+G f(0)=x^2+3 and g(0)=2x
symmetry of y={x}
Name the transformations that have happened to the parent function y=x, Y=2X(-4)+3
convert -9pi/2 into degrees
convert 20* into radians
What is the verticle asymptote of 2x/5x+3
in what quadrant are all values positive
how do you find the value of K=
Solve 3x-9=6x+15
Put the following in order from smallest to largest. (log2)16, log100, and (log3)27

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