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Size or PopulationState or CountryExtra Info
Ohio (11,544,950 pop)11,274,100
Oklahoma (3,791,500 pop)3,843,120
Jamaica (2,705,800 pop)2,723,320
Hungary (9,985,720 pop)9,876,180
Somalia (9,557,000 pop)9,656,400
Alabama (131,440 sq km)131940 sq km
Equatorial Guinea (720,000 pop)722,720
Sri Lanka (65,610 sq km)62380 sq km
Kyrgyzstan (5,477,600 pop)5,344,860
Peru (1,285,220 sq km)1477260 sq km
Size or PopulationState or CountryExtra Info
Romania (237,500 sq km)248650 sq km
Wisconsin (140,670 sq km)140800 sq km
Maryland (5,828,290 pop)5,815,520
Japan (377,830 sq km)376990 sq km
Florida (19,057,540 pop)18,866,000
Maine (79,940 sq km)78860 sq km
Kentucky (102,900 sq km)103000 sq km
Afghanistan (647,500 sq km)678350 sq km
Arizona (294,330 sq km)300000 sq km
California (37,691,910 pop)38,092,000

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