Countries of the World that Don't End in A, N, or S

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Can you name the Countries of the World that Don't End in A, N, or S?

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Ends withCountryRegion, Starts with
lAsia, I
cNorth America, D
eAfrica, S
dEurope, F
uOceania, V
cAfrica, C
oEurope, M
oAfrica, M
rAfrica, N
dAfrica, S
eAfrica, C
lEurope, P
dAfrica, C
mEurope, B
dEurope, I
oAfrica, D
iOceania, K
hAsia, B
iAfrica, D
dEurope, I
yEurope, H
rAfrica, M
lAfrica, S
mEurope, U
eNorth America, B
kEurope, D
tAfrica, E
Ends withCountryRegion, Starts with
lAsia, N
eEurope, F
rAsia, E
yEurope, I
oAfrica, B
iNorth America, H
eSouth America, C
iAfrica, M
uSouth America, P
yEurope, N
oAfrica, R
ySouth America, U
uOceania, P
oAfrica, T
dEurope, P
rAsia, Q
rNorth America, E
oNorth America, T
mAsia, V
cEurope, C
eAfrica, M
yEurope, G
iAfrica, M
yAsia, T
eAfrica, S
eAfrica, C
oEurope, K
Ends withCountryRegion, Starts with
dEurope, S
rSouth America, E
ySouth America, P
uOceania, T
eEurope, G
oAfrica, L
qAsia, I
eSouth America, S
uAfrica, G
gEurope, L
dOceania, N
rAsia, M
oNorth America, M
iAsia, B
tAsia, K
lSouth America, B
eAfrica, Z
oEurope, S
oEurope, M
iOceania, F
yEurope, V
dAsia, T
eAsia, S
iAfrica, B
uOceania, N
eEurope, U

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