Violet Hill

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Can you name the words to Coldplay's 'Violet Hill'?

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surrounding wordsword
Was a _________
and dark _________
From the ___________
I ___________
There was _______, white ______
_________ I remember
From the ________
they were __________
while we froze, ________ below
When the future's ____________
by a __________
of _________on show,
You'd _______ lie low,
So if you ______ me,
_______ you let me know?
Was a long and dark _________
When the ________
Became _________
And the fox, ________ God
Priests clutched onto __________
To fit their _________
And the _________
Was held __________
surrounding wordsword
Bury me in _______
When I'm _______
And hit the _______
My __________ are poles
That ___________
So if you ______ me,
______ you let me know?
I don't wanna be a _______
Who the ________ of
Some _________ ship
Would ________, far below
So if you ____ me,
let me _______?
I took my ______
Down to ________ Hill
There we ____ in snow
All that_______
She was ______ still
____ if you
________ me, won't you let me know?
If you ______ me,
won't you let me _______?

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