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Forced Order
Definition Medical Term
Space through nervous impulse is transmitted
Record of spinal cord(X-ray)
Pertaining to an upper heat chamber
Visual examination of the rectal and anal area
Membrane that surrounds the lungs
Fluid through brain and spinal cord
Enlargment of the heart
Laying on back
Weakness on one side of the body
Away from surface
What are painful joints called
Breakdown of a clot
Sudden transient disturbances of brain function cause seizures
Divides body into left and right
Divides body into anterior and posterior portions
Attaches bones to joints
Division of the back of the chest
Far from point of attachment
Small vein
Division of the back of the tailbone
Disease of small intestine
Muscle pain
Below any structure
Disease condition of heart muscle
High levels of cholesterol in the blood
A slight increase in normal white blood cells is called
Visual examination of joints
What is a letter that combines a suffix and a root called
Doctor who diagnoses and treats kidney disorders with drugs
A malignant tumor in the liver is what condition
Nerve degeneration later in life causes tremors, muscle stiffness, slow movement, and shuffling gait
Process of producing cancer
Cavity surrounded by back bones
Narrowing of the mitral valve
Inflammation of large intestines
What are word beginnings called
Collection of fibers that carry electral impulses
Condition of slow heatbeat
Definition Medical Term
What is the breaking down of foods to release energy called
Painful inflammed intestines
Cavity that surrounds the skull
Incision of abdomen
Abnormal side pockets in intestinal wall
Division of the back in the neck
Uncontrallable compulsion to sleep
Disease of the brain
Pertaining to the throat
Divides body into upper and lower halves
Inflammation of the tubes leading from windpipe to lungs
Division of the back of the waist
Paralysis of both legs
To hold back cells
Surgical repair of the roof of the mouth
Disease that shows bizarre, abrupt, involuntary movements and a decline in menal function
Term for a disease of the intestines
Doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders of anus and rectum
Individual backbone is called
Chemical messenger released at the end of a nerve cell
Hardening of arteries
Lying on belly
This kind of substance is inhaled when a cigarette is smoked
Swollen twisted veins in rectal region
Process of visual examination of the abdomen
Surgical puncture to remove fluid from chest
Front surface of body
Chronic inflammation of colon with ulcers
Inflammation fo the brain
What is bruised skin called
Hit in head causing blackout
Surgical procedure to remove fluod from the sac around the fetus
Cavity surrounded by ribs
Deterioration of mental capacity
What is the total of the chemical processes in a cell called
Disease of the kidney
Back surface of body
Inflammation of a vein
Tube from kidney to bladder
Definition Medical Term
What is the foundation of the word called
Condition of the absence of a brain
Collection of fat cells is what type of tissue
Pertaining to the tooth
Large networks of nerves
What are word endings called
Cavity surrounding hip bones
Surgical repair of a valve
On the surface
Main relay center of brain
Voice box
What is the process of building up proteins in a cell called
Process of recrding blood vessels(X-ray)
Cells that line internal organs and outside the body
Benign tumor of the meninges
Small artery
What condition has cancerous white blood cells
Hit in head causing bruising
Cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the head
Nerves for involuntary functions
Opensore or legion of the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum
Connects cerebrum to spinal cord
Treatment with X-rays
Pertaining to the side
Hernia of urinary bladder
Doctor who operates on urinary tract
Surgical repair of the breast
Posterior portion of brain that coordinates muscle movement and balance
Pertaining to the middle
Removal of the breast
High blood pressure affecting heart
Term for internal organs
Part of brain below thalamus
Cavity containing stomach, liver, and gallbladder
Pain of the chest wall and the membranes surrounding the lungs
What is an inflammation of the urinary bladder called
Condition of lungs
Near point of attachment or beginning of a structure
Largest part of brain, responsible for muscle, vision, speece, taste, hearing, memory
Above any structure

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