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Insurance for property damage resulting from theft, fire, natural disaster
Money order where money goes to various orginizations
Total dollar value of all the final goods and services produced in a country in one year.
Things that add comfort and pleasure to life. Examples include a big house or nice car.
Suggests actions to reduce spending and credit difficulties.
Limits use of a chekc for given purpose
An orginization that supplies a service or product vital to all people
Expense that occures regularly(car payment)
Checks used if you don't have enough money
The means through which goods and services are produced
Risk that can result in loss of health.
Reduces payments to a more manageable level
Expense that changes monthly(heating bill)
Refers to the private ownership of resources by individuals rather than by the government. Businesses decide what to produce
Total dollar cost of credit plus interest
Allows you to meet your personal goals with a system of saving and wise spending
Risk in which you don't suffer financially
The sales of durable and non-durable goods bought by consumers
Insurance for employees who cannot work
Not having enough to satisfy everyones needs.
Risk that can result in loss of property
Which country consumes and produces more goods than any other.
This kind of endorsment requires only the endorsers signature
Cost of borrowing for large U.S. corporation
Refers to the illegal use of intellectual property like a patent or trademark
Things that you can see and touch and buy.
Smaller bank that specializes in saving and home mortgage savings or loans.
Insured person or company buying a policy
Movement of the economy from on condition to another and back up again
Represents ownership of a company
Giving up one thing for something else
Legal process of reducing or eliminating amount owed
Retirement plan where employee and employers put in money. It can be withdrawn at 59 1/2 years and grows tax free.
Risk with no chance of gain
Governments use of bonds through citizens to make money
Loans on tangible objects like jewelery or valuable items
Person who takes on the risk of financial loss
Interest rate that financial institutions are charged
Non profit bank for members only
Refers to the day to day financial activites associated with usign limited income to satisfy unlimited needs and wants
Person who purchases a good or service
Number that compares prices now to a earlier year
Policyholder's request for payment from a loss
First credit protection law
Compares spending to budget
Contract issued by seller requiring peridoic payments
General increase in prices
Document shows how bank statement and checkbook register are brought together
Set of rules guiding actions of employees or members or a company
A person who uses resources in an entirely new way in order to create a business
Bank that loans to people and offers savings accounts. People are part owners.
Interest rate for short U.S. government obligations
Insures your money if the bank goes out of business
The duty of a business to contribute to the well being of the community
Period where most people are working and GDP increases.
Exchanges uncertainty of a possible large financial loss for a certain smaller payment
Privelage of using someone elses money for a period of time
Amount of money available to spend
Risk where costs can be predicted
Property used as security to recieve payment
Risk that relates to harm or injury to other people while on your property
Business dealings in the same state
The point where supply and demand are equal
Money you get from working(salary)
Amount of loan
Quantity of goods or services that consumers are willing to buy
Bank has guaranteed payment for a check
An agreement to exchange goods or services for some kind of value
Record of assets and liabilities at a certain point in time
Allows consumers to know the infor credit bureaus give out
Report that summarizes your current financial condition, acknowledges you financial needs, and sets a direction for your future.
Reports net wages and other income along with spending for a period of time
Principles of morality or rules of conduct
Company that gathers information on credit users
Quantity of goods or services that a business can provide
Uncommon risk where it is impossible to predict the amount of loss
Full service bank
Represents debt for an orginization
Tax that comes out of the paycheck
Requires prompt correction of credit mistakes
Refers to salaries and wages of a person
This association regulates credit unions
An IRA for people who are self employed
Amounts you owe others
Money earned after taxes
Type of economy that combines elements or both command and market economies.
Protects creative work of author, composer, artist during life and fifty years after death
Agent who has access to many types of insurance
The amount the government owes
Phase when unemployment decreases and GDP begins to rise
Businesses dealing with more than one state
The current chairman of the Federal Reserve System
Company recieves goods and pays later
Lend money to consumers looking to buy a home
Life insurance of an employee
Series of regular payments made to a retired worker under an orginized plan
The money needed to produce a good or service.
Type of economy where resources are owned and controlled by people
Money order where money goes to specific business or person
An IRA with no withdrawal tax that also grows tax free
Type of economy where goods and services are produced in a way that has already been done.
Amount of money insurance company pays to a person who has previously deposited money with the company
Person who makes a good or service
Written promise to repay based on excellent credit history
Rules about how businesses and their employees should behave
Person who buys insurance
An account at a credit union is called
Orders a company to pay an amount to another company
People who not working, but are looking for and willing to work
Transfer check to someone else uses this type of endorsment
Word, letter, or symbol associated with a company
Rate for a 6 month time deposit at savings institutions
Date at which the loan must be repaid
Activities consumed when they are purchased. Like a hair cut.
Gengeral decrease in prices. Usually occurs during depression or recession
The rivalry among businesses to sell goods and services
Payment needed to keep insurance
Period where demand decreases and unemployment rises. GDP decreases.
Interest rate for a long(20 year) period of time for U.S. governmet obligations
Gives right to make sell and use a product for 17 years
Type of economy where resources are owned and controlled by the government
Record of completed transactions
Output per person is called
Government spending makes up ____% of all spending
Check for a future date
Assets minus liabilities equals this
The production output for a worker or business,
Amount you pay to borrow your home
Part of a debt is payed each mont
Card needed for ATM transactions
Form that you need to fill out to prived information needed by a lender to make a decision on granting credit
Purely tangible property with no physical characteristics
The interest rate available for the best customer
Can be thought of as a possibility of a loss
Information on company issuing insurance.
Period marked by prolonged unemployment . GDP falls rapidly
Risk that can result in financial loss
Things that are required in order to live. Examples include food, water, shelter.
Form of income protection. Money goes to retired workers.
Checks that may not have been payed yet
Items you have of value
Risk with a chance to gain or lose
Value of the next best alternate that you did NOT choose.

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