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Date DeceasedCelebrityFamous For...
May 1 2005Voice of Fred Flinstone
Apr 15 2001Punk Singer
Feb 10 2000Comercial Spokesman
Sep 2 20051960's Sitcom Actor
Sep 26 2008Movie Actor
Sep 11 2002Pro Football Quarterback
Jan 23 2005Talk Show Host
Nov 29 2001Rock Guitarist/Singer
Jun 7 2001Longtime Movie Actor
Nov 16 2000Rap/Rock Sidekick
Feb 24 2006Western Actor
Jun 6 2005Oscar Winning Actress
Feb 26 2002Veteran Character Actor
Jan 13 2009Stage and Film Actor
Jul 7 2003R&B Crooner
Sept 12 2003Country Singer
Jun 22 2009TV Sidekick
Oct 30 2007Lounge Singer
Dec 30 1995Voice-over Actress
Aug 5 2002Sportscaster
Jul 9 20041970's Sitcom Actress
June 12 1994Original Voice of Moe
Date DeceasedCelebrityFamous For...
Jul 9 2002Oscar Winning Actor
Oct 3 2004Comedian
Jun 5 2002Punk Bassist
Mar 7 2004Character Actor
Jul 27 2003Long-time Entertainer
Oct 30 2000Talk Show Host
Jan 16 2002TV Actor
Dec 25 2006R&B Singer
Dec 6 20001960's Sitcom Actor
Mar 17 1998Musician/Artist/Activist
May 28 1998Comedian/Actor
Jun 1 2000Latin Musician
Jun 25 2009Pop Singer
Dec 25 2008Actress/Cabaret Singer
May 2 20071980's Sitcom Actor
Jan 27 2009Novelist/Poet
Feb 3 19961950's Sitcom Actress
Sep 26 2003Author/Actor
May 20 2002Geologist/Scientist
May 29 1997Radio Announcer
Jun 27 2002Rock Bassist
Sep 15 2004Punk Guitarist

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