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Only president to resignRepublican
Was formerly a preacherRepbulican
First to die in officeWhig
Shortest presidentDemocratic-Republican
Was never elected to officeRepublican
First RepublicanRepublican
First to attend a World Series GameDemocrat
First divorced presidentRepublican
A former Rhodes ScholarDemocrat
Studied nuclear physics in the NavyDemocrat
First president to win Nobel Peace PrizeRepublican
Served non-consecutive termsDemocrat
First CatholicDemocrat
Established first national parkRepublican
Never had a vice presidentWhig
Played in the College World Series for YaleRepublican
Last to have facial hairRepublican
First president born west of the MississippiRepublican
Never got marriedDemocrat
Won 2 GrammysDemocrat

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