Sports and Games seen on LOST

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Can you name the sports and games seen on LOST?

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A type of drinking game played by Sawyer and Kate
Locke plays this at work with a fellow colleague
Desmond predicts the outcome of a game in this sport
Hurley and Sawyer play this game at the Barracks
During another job, Locke shows this game to a young boy
Shannon and Locke have been seen working on this type of game
Hurley and Sawyer play this on the beach
Hurley finds a former friend at the mental hospital playing this game
Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer all sit down for this game
The mental hospital has a full size playing surface for this sport
Ben shows Jack a team winning this sport's championship
Jack and Tom could be great teammates in this sport
The first time the survivors have 'fun' on the islands comes from playing this sport
Favorite game of Locke and Walt
Locke beats an 'unbeatable' version of this game

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