Bohemian Rhapsody

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Can you name the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen?

Featured Jan 2, 2010

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Is this the real life?..4
Caught in a landslide..4
Open your eyes..7
I'm just a poor boy4
Cause I'm easy come, easy go4
Anyway the wind blows7
Put a gun against his head6
But now I've gone and4
Mama, oooooooohhh6
If I'm not back again3
Carry on, carry on5
Too late4
Sends shivers down my spine5
Goodbye everybody4
Gotta leave you all behind4
Mama, oooooohhhh5
I sometimes wish I'd never4
-- Guitarist's name --2
I see a little4
Scaramouche, scaramouche5
Thunderbolt and lightning4
I'm just a poor boy3
He's just a poor boy4
Spare him his life3
Easy come, easy go5
Bismillah! No!9
Bismillah! No!9
Bismillah! No!9
Will not let you go3
Will not let you go3
No no no no3
Mama mia, mama mia5
Beelzebub has a 5
For me2
So you think you can stone me5
So you think you can love me5
Oh baby6
Just gotta get out7
Nothing really matters3
Nothing really matters,5
Anyway the wind1

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