Random facts from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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On what day of the week does the story begin?
What plant does Harry look-up in 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi'?
How many presents does Dudley get for his 11th birthday?
How many points does Dumbledore award Gryffindor on the night of the end of term feast?
In their first transfiguration class of the year, what were the students supposed to transform their match into?
Who retrieves the invisibility cloak from the top of the tower where Harry left it?
What two chocolate frog cards does Ron NOT have?
What (muggle) boarding school is Harry supposed to attend?
What do the Dursleys give Harry for Christmas?
What color(s) are the sparks that shoot out of Harry's wand when he first holds it?
How many sickles make up 1 galleon?
Where do Mr. and Mrs. Weasley spend Christmas?
What is the Potter's Gringotts vault number?
What position did Harry take over in the giant game of Wizard's Chess?
What is Nicolas Flamel's wife's name?
Who does Malfoy report Harry to when Malfoy sees Harry with his new Nimbus 2000?
Since when has Ollivander's company been making wands?
What is the location written on the second letter Harry receives from Hogwarts (ex: the cupboard under the stairs)?
On what day does Flitwick teach his charms class the Wingardium Leviosa spell?
What does the (full) inscription on the frame of the Mirror of Erised say?

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