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This is how Danny's wife died.
This part of the house was remodeled into Joey's first bedroom
Jesse's short lived music persona after 'the Rippers'.
Where the family gets stuck on the way to Jesse's high school graduation.
The misprint on the napkin of Jesse's night club
Stephanie's friend from school who resembles a duck
This character is smiling into the camera at the start of the opening credits
Danny asks Vicky to marry him by putting the question in a...
Stephanie's middle name
Jesse's favorite comb is named...
This animal saves the house from catching on fire.
DJ's boyfriend who eats a lot.
The show that Joey appears on with Ed McMahon.
He accidentally steals a car for DJ on her Birthday.
The shape of the pastry that Danny cooks for Vicky when they first start dating.
The show was created by this person.
In the opening credits, this character is wearing a hat in the car
Jesse's nickname for Michelle
The name of Danny's deceased wife and the mother of the Tanner family
This is where Jesse and Becky build their apartment
This is what Jesse builds in the basement after Joey moves upstairs
The state that Minnie, Comet's mom, runs away from before ending up in San Francisco
Vicky's last name.
According to the opening credits, this actor is the star (Opening credit says: Starring 'blank')
When Michelle's two best friends pick each other for the 'draw your friend' school project, Michelle chooses to draw...
This is the only word that Kimmy's boyfriend Duane keeps saying.
This character was 'supposed' to win the Disney World 'princess for the day'
The actress who portrays Kimmy Gibbler
DJ stands for...
The name of DJ and Kimmy's frequently-referred-to school friend who is always mentioned for her attractive looks, ability to get boys, and for how much she 'developed' over the Sum
This is Jesse's Dad's occupation.
The state where Becky is originally from.

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