Wisconsin shrubs

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Can you name the shrubs of Wisconsin?

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Common nameScientific name
Speckled alder
Sweet fern
Alternate-leaf dogwood
Round-leaf dogwood
Red osier dogwood
American hazel
Beaked hazel
Bush honeysuckle
Glossy buckthorn
Black huckleberry
Common winterberry
Common juniper
Creeping juniper
Fly honeysuckle
Limber honeysuckle
Hairy honeysuckle
Swamp fly honeysuckle
Common nameScientific name
Mountain holly
Virginia creeper
Common ninebark
Alder-leaf buckthorn
Wild black currant
Pasture currant
Hairy-stem gooseberry
Prickly currant
Swamp red currant
Wild rose
Red raspberry
Dwarf red respberry
Black elderberry
Red elderberry

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