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LocationNPCHelpful Information
Castelia CityHolds an official title
Pinwheel Forest/DreamyardOne of the Seven Sages
Various, later Nuvema TownFather of the Professor
N's CastleTells about N's past
VariousLeader of the Seven Sages
Striation CityCreated the PC System for Unova
Nuvema TownGives you your starter Pokemon
Battle SubwayBattle Subway leader
Nuvema TownFemale rival
N's CastleHeals your Pokemon
Nacrene CityLenora's husband
Opelucid CityTeaches Draco Meteor in White
Castelia City/Route 18One of the Seven Sages
Castelia CityGamefreak employee who will battle you post-game
LocationNPCHelpful Information
Batlte SubwayBattle Subway leader
VariousMysterious group in Team Plasma
Castelia City/Chargestone CaveOne of the Seven Sages
Opelucid CityTeaches Draco Meteor in Black
Various, later Pokemon LeagueUnova's Champion
Striation CityScientist interested in Dream Mist
Every gymGym caretaker, gives Fresh Water
VariousMember of the International Police
Undella TownCan be battled in the spring and summer
Cold StorageOne of the Seven Sages
Nuvema TownMale rival
VariousLeader of Team Plasma
Dragonspiral Tower/Route 14One of the Seven Sages
Relic CastleOne of the Seven Sages

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