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EpisodeFood Item
Fry Hard 2: The Chicken
Egg Files 3: Let Them East Foam
For Whom the Cheese Melts
Power to the Pilaf
Crustacean Nation
Chile's Angels
The Fungal Gourmet
Gravy Confidential
Its a Wonderful Cake
Grill Seekers
This Spuds For You
Three Chips for Sister Marsha
Salad Daze
Pantry Raid 1: Use Your Noodle
Hook, Line, and Dinner
Pork Fiction
The Case for Butter
Mussel Bound
Seeing Red
Mission: Poachable
Egg Files 2: Man with a Flan
Mayo Clinic
The Egg Files
Steak Your Claim
Fry Hard
True Brew 2
Flat is Beautiful
EpisodeFood Item
A Bowl of Onion
Flap Jack do it Again
True Brew
Puff the Magic Pastry
Where Theres Smoke, Theres Fish
A Bird in the Pan
Ear Apparent
Crust Never Sleeps
Cool Beans
The Dough Also Rises
American Pickle
Behind the Bird
Crustacean Nation 2: Claws
Apple Family Values
Churn Baby Churn
Head Games
Comb Alone
Whats up, Duck?
The Art of Darkness
Jam Session
A Chuck for Chuck
Ham I am
In the Bulb of the Night
Citizen Cane
Daily Grind

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