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Title of the second season finale
Finish Leslie's line: 'Good evening, everyone. I'm Leslie Monster and this is ____.'
What Andy replies after April tells him she loves him
Tom's dressed up as this rapper for Ann's Halloween party
Title of the song Andy dedicated to Ann while they were dating
She's the Iron [Bleep] of Pawnee
This is where Jerry and his wife have a timeshare at
The air in Eagleton smells like this due to the cupcake factory located there
Chris's favorite health food store
The name of the haircut Leslie gets for the banquet
Hosts of a Pawnee radio program
The three people that have fallen into the pit, in order
Basketball player invited to Leslie's telethon
Strip club in Pawnee
Tom's knockoff of 'The Newlywed Game'
Title of the song Andy's band played during the telethon
President of Sweetums
Leslie's rival from Eagleton
The date April thought did not exist
Ron got shot in the head by this person
Andy poses as this member of the FBI
Leslie tried to stop Jessica Wicks from tearing down a _____.
Pawnee's sister city
Local Indian chief of the Wamapoke Tribe
The reason Ron cried for the first time ever, when he was 7 years old
The game Andy, Mark and April were playing at Ann's house
The third of the series of words Ron types in his typewriter: Rectangle, America, _____, Monday, Butthole
Donna's favorite kind of cake
The name of Tom's alcoholic drink
Gay bar in Pawnee
The nickname Tom gives to forks
April's sister
The store in which April drove a lawn mower through
Andy's favorite food(s)
Finish Jerry's line: 'My ____ are full of mouth today.'
The name of the winter sports complex Ben built when he was mayor
The bed & breakfast where the gang stays at after camping
The town from where Tom hails
Title of the song Andy wrote as a tribute to Li'l Sebastian at his funeral
Brand of candy bars Sweetums makes
Joan Callamezzo's TV show
Ron Swanson would rather work for him
The name of Donna's brother, who she hates
April's gay ex-boyfriend
The gift Chris gives Ron on his birthday
April's middle name (April ____ Ludgate)
What Leslie teasingly called Mark for quitting
Where Ron, Tom, Jerry, April and Andy get stuck at during the Harvest Festival
Jerry's wife
This STD affects 100% of Jan Coopers

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