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Can you name the words that have the letters B, L, and T, in that order?

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Projectile fired from a gun
Drinking vessel; a more common word for chalice.
A graceful type of dance, such as the one from Swan Lake
Where to cast your vote
To make a sound like a sheep
Cheerful and carefree
A painful sore or swelling on the skin
Like a brightly shining lightbulb; exceptionally intelligent
Opposite of 'relative', in terms of location or morality
Can describe wishing someone happy birthday a day after it occurred
The ending of slavery in the U.S. is a famous example of this.
Hostile; aggressive; warlike
To talk in an unintelligent matter
Required legally or morally
Pokémon that evolves from Squirtle
To change directly from a solid to a gas
Full of energy; enthusiastic;

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