Which Part of Speech? (Level Two)

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Can you name the part of speech (Level Two - Belt Alive)?

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SentencePart of SpeechWord
Oh snap! I forgot my lunch!snap
She memorized the different parts of speech.memorized
I went to the store between the tree and the fire hydrant.between
I would sing along, but I don't know the words.but
That is a creative project, but it's too loud!creative
He put the ribbon beside the trophy.beside
'Yo,' said the lunch tray, 'I have come to life.'yo
You make me laugh!laugh
It was a memorable movie.memorable
Belt Alive memorably ran around Forest Hills.memorably
SentencePart of SpeechWord
Don't create a scene, please.create
'23 Skidoo!' said the old-fashioned tutor.23 Skidoo!
She creatively used floss to the make the belt come to life.creatively
She humorously danced like a chicken.humorously
Theodore started to cry, although he had only gotten a paper cut.although
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy!and
Sadly, he had no sense of humor.humor
That was a funny joke about penguins.funny
It will last in my memory forever.memory
The creation of a good joke is an incredible thing.creation

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