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SentencePart of SpeechWord
Destruction of a building can take some time. destruction
She supportively cheered me on.supportively
When she tore down the sign, she acted destructively. destructively
That’s a destructive tool.destructive
She supports me at every game. supports
She spoke very persuasively. persuasively
No human has adventured to Mars yet. adventured
You are so persuasive. persuasive
Thank you for the encouragement. encouragement
Her support is really helpful. support
SentencePart of SpeechWord
He is encouragingly showing signs of good health. encouragingly
Persuasion is a skill you’ve really mastered. persuasion
The adventuring kids discovered a treasure. adventuring
Well, you’ve definitely persuaded me! persuaded
She adventurously ran into the forest. adventurously
Join me on an excellent adventure.adventure
She is a supportive friend. supportive
He destroyed the sand castle. destroyed
That is an encouraging card you gave me. encouraging
You really encouraged me. encouraged

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