What Part of Speech? (Level Three)

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Can you name the part of speech (Level Three)?

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SentencePart of SpeechWord
Find the mean of the two numbers.mean
Those mints are refreshing.mint
Thank you for the gift. It means a lot to me!means
I will mint coins tomorrow.mint
The mean girl is hurting everyone’s feelings.mean
She scouts the library shelves to find the perfect book.scouts
A good introduction is the key to a great speech.key
I will light some candles.light
The talent scout from Hollywood found a new movie star.scout
Please read the aim for today.aim
SentencePart of SpeechWord
My dad works at the U.S. Mint.mint
My aim is to achieve excellence.aim
The mint soda turned out to be terrible.mint
The light is pretty dim in this room.light
The light package arrived in the mail.light
She makes lots of visits.visits
She visits them.visits
I aim for excellence.aim
The scouts marched through the forest.scouts
He perfectly aimed his weapon.aimed

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