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Can you name the part of speech (Level Eight)?

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________________ never going to have a snowman as cool as ours.
Their friends are pretty studious. ________________ always working on homework.
________________ the coolest people I know!
________________ basketball team was the best in the country.
________________ is a long history of protests in the United States.
When it snows, ________________ is nothing that will stop me from building a snowman.
Have you been to the buffet? You can eat as much as you want ________________.
________________ snowman is not as cool as ours.
Why are ________________ so many dinosaur references in this sporcle game?
After all, ________________ all extinct!
Why don't we invite ________________ parents over for dinner?
________________ can’t be any dinosaurs here…right?
Those shrimp are tasty, and ________________ freshly caught from the sea.
When you get there, you must try ________________ shrimp.
I bought ________________ new album yesterday. It’s so good.
Here is my suitcase. ________________ is my purse.
________________ not going to be happy about this.
I know what it looks like, but ________________ is a good explanation for this!
________________ is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.
I have never been ________________ before.

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