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Each sentence below contains a misspelled word. Identify the incorrectly spelled word, and rewrite it correctly in the blanks below.
When you go their, watch out for their weapons.
They’re your biggest fans. You’re they’re biggest fan.
Their chasing after us!
I love these games. There so exciting, and just look at the crowd: they’re so happy!
Always keep an eye on you’re opponents. They’re always watching.
Its eyes are glowing, and its running towards me!
When you’re there with the crowd, its as if you’re their biggest fan.
I really like there clothes.
There will be a celebration, and your all invited.
After I win these games, it’s going to be nice to see the look on there faces.
Your the greatest fighter ever!
Let you’re friends know that you’re the winner.
. Its teeth are showing, and its angry. It’s grinding its teeth!
Look out for they’re weapons.
Your boar snores. Its mittens fit. Their scared of bear hair, Claire.
Your going to be glad that you brought your arrows.
Oh, the lion over there? It’s very dangerous. It’s teeth are razor sharp.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you’re back.
Look out for it’s claws.
Its hiding in the woods!

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