Names of Fruits Basket Characters

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The Rabbit's Sister
Curses People Through Names
The Sheep
The Head of Sohma House
The Dog's Editor
The 'Flower'
The Cat
The Dragon
The Snake (The Rat's Brother)
Assistant at the Snake's Shop
The Rabbit
The 'Fish'
The Horse
The Dog
The Boar
The Dragon's (former) Fiancee
One of the Student Council Secretaries
'Red Butterfly'
The Main Character's Father
Treasurer of the Student Council
The Rabbit and Riceball's Favorite Cartoon
The Tiger
The Ox
One of the Student Council Secretaries
The Head of Sohma House's Mother
President of the Prince's Fan Club
The Monkey
The Rat's Best Friend
The Rooster
The Main Characters' Homeroom Teacher
The Rat/The Prince
Kyo's 'father'

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