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What is the philosophy of performing full qualification tests on the first operational satellite to be launched called?
What are solid propellant rockets where an oxidizing chemical is embedded in a fuel matrix called?
What is a power bus that uses the battery to determine the voltage called?
State another effect of being in the high vacuum space environment.
What is the angular resolution of an optical telescope, diameter 50mm, operating at a wavelength of 800nm?
State 1 effect of being in the high vacuum space environment.
What is it called when the exhaust of rocket is at lower pressure that the surrounding atmosphere?
What is the wavelength for peak emission from bodies at room temperature? Choose from 10nm, 100nm, 10μmYou can use u instead of μ
What is an Astronomical Unit (AU)?
What is the equilibrium temperature of a spacecraft above the night hemisphere of the Earth, if the effective temperature of the Earth is 240K?Include units
After achieving the orbital speed itself what is the second biggest factor in reaching orbit
A satellite in circular earth orbit has a speed of 8.7 kms-1. What &v is required to change its inclination by 60º?For powers use ^, include units
Define the Keplerian orbital element right ascension of the ascending node?
What is the speed in the divergent part of a rocket nozzle
What is the gravitational force between two 1 kg bags of sugar, separated by 1m?For powers, use ^, for products use *, include units
What sensor systems are available for spacecraft attitude control? (Name 1)
For the same power output, what is the difference in weight for solar arrays on a spinning spacecraft with body mounted panels compared to a spacecraft using sun oriented flat pane
What power source is used on American manned spacecraft from Gemini to Shuttle?
What is the unique feature of rocket engines?
What was the first American manned spacecraft called?
Which is technically the easiest planet to send a spacecraft to? Choose from Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto

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