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In what year did polls indicate 85% of Americans supported Johnson's decision to bomb?
How many incidents of desertion by US soldiers were there?
What percentage of US troops were African American?
DATE: North and South Vietnam United
Less than what percent of TV reports showed dead or wounded?
Capital of the South
How long did Operation Rolling Thunder last?
What was the total assistance from China and USSR from 1965-1968? ($)
DATE: All troops had been withdrawn
What percentage of criticisms came from journalists?
How long was Operation Rolling Thunder supposed to last?
Between 1964 and 1968 how many journalists had their MACV accridition removedm?
US President 1969-1974
DATE: Ceasefire signed in Paris
Capital of the North
At least how many men, women and children were killed in the My Lai Massacre?
DATE: Invasion of Cambodia
MONTH: North Vietnam launched a huge attack on the South
How many vietcong fighters were killed in the My Lai Massacre?
DATE: Tet Offensive
What percentage of casualties did they make up?
DATE: Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
From 1965-70, how many TV reports showed heavy fighitng?
When did 'Life' calculate this?
Over how many kilometres of Jungle?
DATE: Thieu steps down
How many litres of Agent Orange was sprayed?
How many students striked after the Kent Shootings?
Number of US troops killed in action
Out of how many TV reports was fighting shown?
Leader of the South until 1963
What percentage of US casualties did booby traps cause?
MONTH: Invasion of Laos
How much did 'Life' calculate it cost to kill one vietcong soldier? (in $)
DATE: Protest in washington DC
How many North Vietnamese died in the War?
How many civilians died from Operation Linebacker II?
DATE: My Lai Massacre
DATE: Formal Agreement signed - end of the war
DATE: Kent State Shootings
DATE: Geneva Agreement
In 1971, how many US soldiers were treated for combat wounds?
DATE: Saigon captured
What percentage of white Americans?
And how many US soldiers were treated for drug abuse?
Policy to hand responsibility for South Vietnam to South Vietnam
DATE: Operation Rolling Thunder launched
MONTH: Nixon goes to China
US President who chose not to stand again in 1968
MONTH: Agreement reached, rejected by President Thieu
What does MACV stand for?
DATE: Operation Linebacker II launched
What percentage of African Americans were drafted in?

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