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EventLocation name
Bilbo's Birthday Party
Boromir killed
Gandalf the Grey lost
Gandalf the Grey killed
Elrond first met
Galadriel first met
Tom Bombadil first met
Strider first met
The Ring destroyed
The Ring discovered by Bilbo
Denethor dies
The Witch King killed
Saruman killed
Shelob killed
The Witch King’s Lair
Treebeard found
Uruk-hai born
Legolas’ home
EventLocation name
Gimli’s home
An ancient battleground
Theoden cured
Warg Riders attack
Glorfindel first met near here
The Dead rallied
The Ringbearers leave Middle Earth
Beorn’s home
Denethor’s Throne
Theoden’s Throne
The Watcher attacks
The Mouth of Sauron met
Radagast’s house
The Eye destroyed
Faramir resists the Rings corruption
Gandalf the Grey imprisoned
'Where shadows lie'

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