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Tiny air cells where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchangedA
Asexual reproduction involving the parent 'pinching off' a part of itself to form offspringB
The shield like plate on a crustaceanC
An organism that feeds by breaking down dead organismsD
A protein that speeds up metabolic reactionsE
A mature plant ovaryF
A haploid reproductive cellG
Description of an individual with identical alleles for a traitH
A section of DNA that does not code for an amino acidI
A place where 2 or more bones meetJ
A hard protein that forms nails, hair, horns, etc.K
Algae and fungus in a symbiotic relationshipL
Eukaryotic cell division forming a copy of the original cellM
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Where DNA is found in a cellN
A mature egg cellO
The liquid part of the bloodP
Bobwhite is one type of thisQ
This produces protein in a cellR
Remaining attached to a surface - stationaryS
Connects muscle to bone for exampleT
One of the bases found in RNAU
A non-living infectious particle made of a nucleic acid and a protein coatV
A type of cell that destroys invaders of the bodyW
One of the types of vascular tissue in plantsX
A small unicellular fungusY
This results from fertilization of an eggZ

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